Wondering how to increase safety and maximize efficiency at your next maintenance turnaround?

Welcome to VISICS, your trusted partner in the digital transformation of industrial maintenance. With our cutting-edge solutions, we’re revolutionizing the way industries approach turnarounds. From real-time monitoring and remote gas detection to two-way communication and predictive analytics, we empower you to navigate the future of maintenance with confidence. Discover how VISICS can elevate safety standards, streamline operations, and transform your next turnaround into a model of efficiency. Explore our tailored solutions and embark on a journey where innovation meets industrial excellence.

  • reduce risks, increase safety level

  • 30% average savings on projects between 6 and 12 areas

  • monitor 12 confined spaces with only 2 operators

  • our project record: 183 areas monitored by VISICS

  • gain valuable insights during or after the project

  • active in over 20 countries


How VISICS prevented a potential fire at a refinery

In 2019 the digital VISICS system for safe and efficient turnarounds was installed at a refinery in Wesseling. Combined with Dräger’s solutions for remote gas detection, the VISICS system was brought in to accomplish a safer and more efficient turnaround by digitally monitoring the confined spaces. No more than three days later the VISICS system proved its added value by preventing a potential fire.

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VISICS offers added value to industries with a high risk profile and a need for increased safety, maximized productivity and lower costs in times of maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.

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