24/7 Remote Support

To be able to support installations and implementations of the VISICS system worldwide, we have set-up our own high-tech 24/7 support centre: C3 (Configuration and Control Centre). From C3, in The Netherlands and India, we can safely, securely and remotely access any system anywhere and anytime. All hardware and software generations are available in C3 for our trained C3 colleagues to be able to simulate any kind of situation. The support centre is manned 24/7 and remotely facilitates partners and clients all over the world with specific knowledge and additional eyes to minimize implementation time and thus maximize efficiency.

Contact C3

You can contact our support desk 24/7 via email, phone, or WhatsApp.

If you need priority support, please call the service desk. Our team is on standby to answer calls 24/7.

From USA/Canada:
Phone: +1 587 887 8395
WhatsApp: +31 638 510518
E-mail: c3-support@access-technology.nl

From other countries:
Phone: +31 638 510518
WhatsApp: +31 638 510518
E-mail: c3-support@access-technology.nl

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