Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have gathered and answered some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions about our VISICS solution or our company, you can of course always contact us.


VISICS offers continuous observation inside and outside confined spaces by implementing different kinds of cameras: widescreen, robust with infrared day/night function, 360° Dome-cameras, thermal cameras, etc.

VISICS is a modular system, consisting of digital confined space monitoring solutions which can be extended with amongst others several access control and management solutions, including tourniquets, turnstiles and barriers.

VISICS can be integrated with several third party safety solutions developed by our technical partners.

Our remote gas detection solution includes an integrated pump version for continuous monitoring of confined spaces and other locations which are difficult to access, even from a distance of up to 150 ft.


RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and consists of two parts: a tag (attached to an object or person) and a reader. Using radio waves, the reader can capture information that is stored on a tag. To be tracked, the tag does not need to be within sight of the reader: it can even be several feet away.


Industrial workplaces are full of confined spaces. These are restrictive areas that occasionally need to be accessed to perform certain maintenance activities, but that are not designed for continuous human presence. The space is large enough to be entered by an employee, but has restricted means for entry and exit. Think of storage tanks, vaults, wells, and utility tunnels. Confined spaces are considered dangerous places. Human presence in confined spaces should therefore carefully be monitored. This is traditionally done by confined spaces attendants, also called manhole watch. However, the use of digital confined space monitoring solutions is gaining popularity.

1) Confined space attendant; also called a Manway or Safety Watch, can be hired to keep count and in case of an emergency, raise an alarm. This is the traditional way to conduct Confined Space Monitoring.


This option can be quite expensive as each manway needs one attendant but would be for those looking for an option that fits with existing procedures, requiring no change.


It would not be the right option for those looking to increase overall safety and efficiency while reducing costs.



2) VISICS; VISICS is the state-of-the-art mobile shutdown system for Digital Confined Space Monitoring, 24/7 Gas Detection, Remote Access Control and People and Asset Tracking, followed by insightful data analytics.


VISICS is for clients who seek to increase safety and maximize efficiency, whilst still limiting costs. This option can be quite cost effective, as two operators can manage 6 manways at one time. One monitoring and one in the field.


The traditional VISICS system would not be the right option for those operating short maintenance events. Rather, the Rapid Deployment Unit would be more suitable, as it a more flexible option, deployable in 15 minutes.

Key benefits of Digital Confined Space Monitoring Include:

 1) Proactive Action; in the case of a hazard or emergency, operators can take immediate action to alarm or evacuate a confined space. Furthermore, when integrated with an access control system at large, this system enables you to track the number of people and the specific persons present at a pre-defined muster point. In the case of an evacuation, you’ll know who is where for fast action. 

2) Detailed Reporting; when using digital confined space monitoring critical data is collected which can be transformed to become useful information for optimizing your safety and efficiency programs. Furthermore, with the data collected on digital safety reports pinpointing causation for future prevention is much easier.

3) Cost Savings; by combining the best technology with skilled personnel, Digitalising Confined Space Monitoring activities can save companies an average of 12.8%, when displacing 6 traditional safety watch (wo)men with VISICS.


  • Improved safety at the worksite
  • Continuous visual observation
  • Both visual and audible alerts – immediate action
  • Individual access control – know who is where
  • Evacuation emergency support – reports, visuals, audio channels
  • Fewer safety watch attendants necessary


  • Equipment is less flexible than people

In Australia they mostly talk about ‘maintenance shutdowns’, while in the USA ‘maintenance turnaround’ is more common. When we at Access Technology Group mention a turnaround or shutdown, we always refer to a planned maintenance stop from beginning (preparations) to end (restart).

VISICS is a mobile solution, which means it is especially developed for temporary installation during turnarounds or shutdowns.

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