Digital Confined Space Monitoring

Confined spaces are challenging working environments. Safety is a hot topic. Being aware of the hazards involved and identifying them is step one. The next step is to prevent them and minimize risks.

Minimizing risks

Minimizing risks starts with knowing who’s inside a confined space and for how long. A confined spaces attendant, also called a manhole watch, can be hired to keep count and, in case of an emergency, raise an alarm. This can however be quite expensive as each manhole needs one attendant – who is subject to human errors. Besides, in case of acute injury and not being able to see what is going on inside, help might come too late.

Digital Confined Space Monitoring

With the mobile VISICS solution for digital confined space monitoring you are able to see what’s happening inside the confined space, communicate with the engineer performing the maintenance activities and register exactly who has entered and left the manhole at what time. Not only just outside the confined space but also anywhere onsite and even offsite, where up to 12 manholes can be monitored at the same time by only a single person.

Rapid Deployment Unit

With our Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) we add even greater mobility and flexibility to our wired VISICS solution. Using this mobile unit with integrated battery and connectivity, you can monitor almost every confined space when and for how long it is neccessary. Even when no power supply is available.

Registration, communication and observation

The digital VISICS solution comes with three modules: registration, communication, and observation. A badge system registers anyone entering or leaving the confined space. Cameras inside and outside the confined space send real-time images to the operator room, and by using a high-quality intercom system, direct two-way communication is possible at any time. In addition, VISICS offers a remote gas detection solution and area monitoring for even greater safety and efficiency.

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