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With VISICS you have a real-time digital solution to optimize your safety and efficiency challenges during planned maintenance: live videos show the condition of the (person inside the) confined space, access is granted based on predefined settings and alarms can be raised instantly when (gas) values are exceeded or by simply pressing a button. In other words, data becomes useful information. But what if you could collect all this daily data and relate it to other values, like weather, time or for example working permits?

Using data analyses and dashboarding, VISICS can offer you analytics of your data to enable you to learn from your experiences and to adjust procedures accordingly. It gives you valuable insights to external influences and internal processes and helps you to make substantiated future decisions. Our reports include clear dashboards consisting of neat graphics and tables, giving you the information relevant for your company.

Your Challenge


Safety is an important component of your business. You aim to eliminate all events that result in injury or damage.

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Maintenance activities take time. That’s a fact. Just like it’s a fact that the longer a shutdown takes, the more it will cost.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is on the move. This rise of a new digital industrial technology opens doors to more efficient processes, higher-quality products and lower costs.

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