May 2022

Blackline integrates natively with VISICS

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Blackline Safety and Access Technology Group Partner for Confined Space Monitoring

Best practice protection for industry’s most at-risk worksite maintenance activities

May 25, 2022

Calgary, Canada Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX: BLN) (“Blackline” or “Blackline Safety”), a global leader in connected safety technology, today announced it has partnered with Access Technology Group, a Dutch innovator in digital shutdowns and turnarounds, to integrate Blackline’s G7 EXO portable area gas monitors with Access Technology’s VISICS Digital Confined Space Monitoring system.

“Blackline Safety has over 1,000 customers around the world and through this partnership we are now able to link our equipment and live stream gas readings to the VISICS platform to support the new best practices of confined space monitoring and deliver even more value to our customers,” said Brendon Cook, Chief Partnership Officer, Blackline Safety.

Confined spaces are challenging working environments. Identifying the hazards involved then taking proactive steps to prevent them and minimize risks is paramount. Minimizing risks starts with knowing who’s inside a confined space, for how long, and monitoring the atmospheric conditions within it.

The VISICS system takes information from workers’ badges and communication devices to manage and monitor their entries into confined spaces. Live camera feeds both inside and outside the space enable remote teams to centrally monitor each confined space and all activities inside and out.

Now, through the integration of Blackline’s G7 EXO area gas monitors into the solution, the equipment can communicate directly with the VISICS network streaming gas readings sampled from within a confined safety to add another layer of proactive safety monitoring and protection during turnaround and shutdowns.

“Integrating with Blackline Safety is a wonderful opportunity for VISICS as it allows us to offer Blackline’s top-of-the-line technology while maintaining the same familiar look and feel for VISICS operators,” said Rene Slegers, CEO of Access Technology Group.

“Blackline Safety has a loyal client base which we are now happily able to serve during confined space monitoring work,” Slegers added. “By combining the right people with the best equipment, such as Blackline’s, VISICS helps protect CSE personnel from the risks and hazards associated with confined space work, 24/7.”

VISICS is the market leader in digital confined space monitoring, providing services to the most well-known industrial energy clients in over 15 countries through direct business and well-developed local partnerships. Blackline Safety worked with Access Technology Group and its North American distribution partner, InfoSignal, to develop an EXO hard-wired data interface to deliver real-time gas readings into the VISICS network. The technology was then trialled at several customer worksites to ensure a seamless integration.

About Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is a technology leader driving innovation in the industrial workforce through IoT (Internet of Things). With connected safety devices and predictive analytics, Blackline enables companies to drive towards zero safety incidents and improved operational performance. Blackline provides wearable devices, personal and area gas monitoring, cloud-connected software and data analytics to meet demanding safety challenges and enhance overall productivity for organizations with coverage in more than 100 countries. Armed with cellular and satellite connectivity, Blackline provides a lifeline to tens of thousands of people, having reported over 177 billion data-points and initiated over five million emergency responses. For more information, visit and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Access Technologies Group

Access Technology Group (ATG) is an innovative Dutch company located in the centre of The Netherlands, with a range of subsidiaries. ATG started in 2002 with solutions for wireless infrastructures and public safety and security under Access Innovations BV. In 2005 ICT services were added to the portfolio under Access Communications BV.

As an increasing demand for mobile solutions was sensed, especially in heavy industries with a need for increased safety levels at lower costs, ATG developed VISICS – the innovative and mobile solution for safe and efficient maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns. The first generation VISICS was launched in 2007 under Mobile Shutdown System BV. Since then, ATG has focussed more intensively on this specific industrial application, which has resulted in a mobile high-tech solution providing on-demand state-of-the-art observation, registration and communication techniques. VISICS has sense been deployed actively in over 15 countries for the most reputable energy clients. For more information, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn or Xing.


Blackline Safety                                                                        

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Access Technology Group

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VISICSBlackline integrates natively with VISICS
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Mr. Mano Thangaraj, Mr. Rene Slegers, Mr. Marten van den Berg

On May 3, 2022, Mobile Shutdown System International (MSSI) celebrated the opening of its first international office in Chennai, India.

VISICS ATG India Pvt. Limited hosted a formal Grand Opening Ceremony in Chennai, attended by prominent government leadership from both the Netherlands and India, showing a deep commitment to cross-border collaboration.

MSSI’s entry into India has been continuously supported by the Dutch Government, specifically through the Netherlands Embassy in India and Consulate Offices, and the Dutch Good Growth Fund.

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) is a fund set up to assist Dutch SME’s in expanding their business abroad. The Netherlands Ambassador to India, Mr. Marten van den Berg was a key player in establishing this fund, which he spoke passionately about at the event ceremony.

To read more about the support of the Dutch Good Growth Fund, please read this publication outlining the initiative:

Similarly, the Government of Tamil Nadu has shown continuous support and encouragement to innovative companies moving into the region. Mr. Mano Thangaraj, Honorable Minister of Information Technology, Government of Tamil Nadu, stated, “We are very excited that the Government of the Netherlands is partnering with the Government of Tamil Nadu on various aspects such as Information Technology. We have a very good talent pool with over 450,000 engineering graduates every year… we also plan to provide continuous trainings to the youth of Tamil Nadu through our ICT Academy to further develop a global talent pool, ready to meet the (future) industry needs with skills in emerging technologies. We are happy to have VISICS here adding value to Chennai“.

Honorable Minister of Information Technology, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mr Mano Thangaraj

With a market full of immense potential and workforce of highly skilled technology professional, Chennai was a logical choice to base VISICS ATG India Pvt. Limited. VISICS ATG India Pvt. Limited officially opened its local Head Quarters in July of 2022, following growing demand for the VISICS solution. Aditya Birla Group (ABG), was present at the ceremony to be officially recognized as the launching customer in India, a milestone for both organizations.

As Mr. Anurag Goel, Digital Transformation & Startup Ecosystem Leader for Aditya Birla Group, accepted VISICS’ token of appreciation saying, “thank you, Rene, for your innovative and safe solutions which help us ensure the safety of our employees at Aditya Birla Group… your passion is inspiring“.

[Image of Anurag Goel, Digital Transformation & Startup Ecosystem Leader for Aditya Birla Group, accepting the gift of Aathiyantha prabu, as a token of appreciation for the continued trust and support.]

MSSI would like to thank all its partners who made this opening happen, as well as the friends, family, colleagues and guests who participated in the event.

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