Traditional vs Digital Confined Space Monitoring

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Traditional vs. Digital Confined Space Monitoring: Enhancing Safety During Turnarounds

As industries evolve, so do the methods and technologies employed to ensure the safety of workers during maintenance turnarounds. Confined space monitoring, a critical aspect of these operations, has traditionally relied on manual methods that pose inherent risks to workers and managers alike. In contrast, digital confined space monitoring offers a safer, more efficient alternative, mitigating health and safety hazards and improving overall operational effectiveness.

VISICSTraditional vs Digital Confined Space Monitoring
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Efficiency Insights for Future Turnarounds

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Unlocking Efficiency: Leveraging Insights for Future Turnarounds

In the intricate world of industrial maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns, efficiency reigns supreme. These meticulously planned events, critical for the upkeep and optimization of industrial facilities, demand a proactive approach to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Central to achieving these goals is the strategic use of insights derived from past experiences and data analysis, which can illuminate opportunities for improvement and drive operational excellence.

VISICSEfficiency Insights for Future Turnarounds
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Digital Technologies in Maintenance and Turnarounds

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Digital Technologies in Maintenance and Turnarounds: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

The Role of Advanced Confined Space Monitoring Solutions in Turnarounds

In the realm of industrial maintenance, digital technologies are reshaping the landscape, with a particular focus on turnarounds. This transformation is marked by the adoption of cutting-edge Digital Confined Space Monitoring solutions.

VISICSDigital Technologies in Maintenance and Turnarounds
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Save Lives with Remote Gas Detection

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How to Save Lives with Remote Gas Detection

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial safety, where precision and timeliness are non-negotiable, remote gas detection has emerged as a critical technology. As industries such as petrochemical, oil & gas, energy, chemical, waste, and marine continue to advance, the need to protect lives from the unseen threats of hazardous gases becomes paramount. In this blog, we explore how remote gas detection plays a pivotal role in saving lives and enhancing overall safety protocols.

VISICSSave Lives with Remote Gas Detection
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The Top Hazards During a Turnaround

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The Top Hazards During a Turnaround and How to Increase Safety

  1. Confined Spaces: The Silent Danger

Confined spaces, such as tanks, vessels, and storage bins, pose a significant risk during turnarounds. Limited entry and exit points, coupled with potentially hazardous atmospheres, make confined spaces a silent danger.

To mitigate this hazard, the adoption of digital confined space monitoring solutions is crucial. Real-time camera monitoring, remote gas detection, two-way communication systems, and access control units streamline safety protocols, providing continuous insights and early hazard detection.

  1. Hazardous Gases and Chemicals: Unseen Threats

VISICSThe Top Hazards During a Turnaround
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Meet VISICS at AOG Energy ’24 in Perth – stand J30

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AOG Energy is held annually in the energy hub of Australia, Perth. For over 40 years it has bought the entire oil, gas and energy supply chain together as a platform for discovering innovation, capabilities and opportunities, supported by major operators, government and industry. In 2024, VISICS will be represented at this innovative event as well. You’ll find us at booth J30 in the Health & Safety zone.

Entrance to this event is free, tickets can be ordered here:

VISICSMeet VISICS at AOG Energy ’24 in Perth – stand J30
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FAQ’s Digitalizing Confined Space Monitoring

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Most Asked Questions About Digitalizing Confined Space Monitoring

In the dynamic landscape of industrial maintenance, the digitalization of confined space monitoring has emerged as a pivotal strategy for enhancing safety and operational efficiency. As companies explore the possibilities offered by advanced technologies, several questions arise. Here, we address the most commonly asked questions about digitalizing confined space monitoring.

VISICSFAQ’s Digitalizing Confined Space Monitoring
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VISICS joins LRES-UK at the Contamination Land & Remediation Expo 2023 – stand R-K260

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The CLR (Contamination Land & Remediation Expo) as part of the ESS 2023 will take place at NEC Birmingham on September 13 – 14, 2023. Supporting their UK partner LRES-UK, Access Technology Group will be there to promote and demonstrate their innovative and cost-efficient VISICS solutions to improve safety and efficiency of workers during maintenance activities.

The yearly Contamination & Land Remediation Expo is a must if you are dealing with contamination, remediation and everything in between. All aspects of contaminated sites, soils and materials, brownfield regeneration, management of hazardous substances, biodiversity and natural capital, analysis and laboratories and consulting services are covered. 

Entrance to the exhitibion and seminars is free, tickets can be ordered here:

VISICSVISICS joins LRES-UK at the Contamination Land & Remediation Expo 2023 – stand R-K260
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Ask VISICS: Is Your Equipment Weatherproof?

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The answer is YES. It must be! We have created our system with industrial grade materials to ensure the
production of accurate, highly informative real-time feedback during dangerous and varying turnaround
conditions anywhere on the globe.

In this video, you can see our VISICS equipment being tested for water resistance. This innovative field test
ran for 21 days and nights to confirm that we are providing reliable safety equipment. Experimental testing
isn’t all we’ve done though.

Our systems are used internationally- in over 15 different countries year-round, so they have proven
successful in several environmental situations. This includes weather conditions such as snow in Canada
and Sweden, extreme heat in Kazakhstan, rain and humidity in the gulf of the United States and more.
The hardware that we rely on to keep our equipment weatherproof includes high quality, specially
designed industrial connectors and rubber seals that keep water and other elements from contacting
the electronics inside. Our technology is designed specifically for heavy industries, with their challenges
and applications in mind.

Would you like to put it to the test for yourself? We recommend setting up a pilot to see it live and in
action! For more information on our pilot program, reach out to us via the contact form or contact your
area representative directly.

VISICS equipment being tested for water resistance over a period of 21 days

Europe:, +31 6 28 43 87 46

North America & APAC:, +49 176 77 25 66 10

VISICSAsk VISICS: Is Your Equipment Weatherproof?
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