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ASK VISICS – “How does Digital Reporting works with VISICS?”

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The VISICS Reporting Tool is a web-based safety application built specifically for the needs and challenges faced during turnarounds, shutdowns and outages.

The Reporting Tool digitalizes turnaround reporting with an easy-to-use application allowing safety managers and other stakeholders to have greater insight into their operations. Utilizing the VISICS Reporting Tool allows users to generate detailed digital reports (incident, shift or DOR reports), investigate noted events, identify safety bottlenecks, track critical project data and more.

Problems Solved

In the traditional way of working, shift data is paper-based, meaning information is recorded on paper, collected and then manually analyzed to determine critical information such as project progress/timeline and safety trends.

Utilizing paper in the industrial workplace naturally means:

  1. information gets damaged – environmental conditions, water, dirt, etc.
  2. information is wrongly documented – human error in reporting or reading reports
  3. inability to analyze data – in a timely manner, with evidence of claims
  4. process inefficiency – time-consuming, repetitive work

To combat these challenges, the Reporting Tool boasts features such as:

  • Standard digital reporting forms, stored centrally
  • Safety observation tally, to track safety infractions and identify bottlenecks (i.e missing gloves, missing helmet, etc)
  • Project information dashboard, an overview of the most critical project data such as special PPE requirements

The VISICS Reporting tool is now available for all VISICS projects, worldwide.

To request the Reporting Tool for your next project, contact:

Rene Slegers, CEO

+31 06 46 25 07 21

VISICSASK VISICS – “How does Digital Reporting works with VISICS?”

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