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“Hot work” environments, are there solutions for Fire Watchers?

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Welcome to month two of Ask VISICS, our newest initiative to dive in-depth into commonly asked questions.

This month we’ll be addressing the needs of a fire watch – the question being are there solutions specifically built for the needs of a fire watch?

The answer is yes.

With the VISICS system and components, the Fire Watch role can be enhanced to become more efficient, safe and intelligent! Traditionally the Fire Watch is responsible for:

  • Watching for fire hazards in the workplace while hot works are performed
  • Maintain the conditions and requirements stated on the safety permit
  • Maintain a lookout for small fires started by sparks
  • Sounding alarm, and if possible, attempt to control the fire, should one develop
  • Maintain communication with personnel in the confined space
  • Maintain situational awareness and raise alarms in the case of an emergency, plus communicate with emergency services
  • Inspecting the work area to look for fire hazards before, during, and at the end of each shift
  • Remaining at the work site 30 minutes after the hot work has ended to assure no fires have started

With the VISICS system, two Fire Watchers are able to monitor 12 confined spaces. This monitoring includes:

  • Eyes and ears inside and outside the confined space with cameras and intercoms – full visuals and two-way communication channels at all times
  • 24/7 gas detection, with automated alarm levels
  • Thermal readings from the cameras, to monitor during and after the hot work has been completed
  • Triggering alarms remotely in the case on an emergency
  • Data to be passed to emergency services in the case of an event
  • Automated logs of personnel entering and leaving the space, for reporting

Would you like to discover the value of VISICS for hot works and Fire Watchers? Reach out for a pilot at your next turnaround using the contact form!

Case Study Excerpt: How VISICS prevented potential fire at refinery
The digital VISICS system for safe and efficient turnarounds was installed at a refinery in Wesseling. Combined with Dräger’s solutions for remote gas detection, the VISICS system was brought in to accomplish a safer and more efficient turnaround by digitally monitoring the confined spaces. No more than a few days later, the VISICS system proved its added value by preventing a potential fire.

When the second night shift was about to start at around 6 p.m. , the VISICS monitoring operator noticed that different kinds of gases were detected in one specific kettle. With the real-time camera feeds he saw smoke coming out of one of the monitored manways. Without hesitation the operator took immediate action by informing the right people. Apparently a flammable residue was glowing in this kettle. It would probably have remained glowing, or developed into something worse, if it was not monitored by VISICS.

Read the full customer success story of how VISICS prevented a potential refinery fire below ⬇️


VISICS“Hot work” environments, are there solutions for Fire Watchers?

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