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“What is security by design and how does VISICS implement it?”

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For us, security by design has three main components, which are:

  1. Authorization; the process of implementing roles based on what users primarily need for their daily operations, nothing more nothing less
  2. Network security; secure communications over virtual private networks; and
  3. auditing; the ability to track user actions and continuously monitor sessions and/or mutations to comply with the authorization polices

I’m going to tell you about all three more in-depth. 

Authorization is managing the process to make sure people get only access to resources and data which are applicable for them. For us, we use fine authorization policies for several roles like operator activities, operator lead activities and remote support activities. In our line of work, proper authorization is important because we work with a lot of sensitive or confidential data

Next, we have Network Security.

We make use of segmentation in the network infrastructure so we classify different kinds of data and make sure that this data is only available in the proper applications.

To have safe and secure remote connectivity we make use of a VPN connection stands for virtual private network, it serves as a way to securely communicate between two networks. See it as a tunnel which is used to drive cars (network packets) back and forward. All the traffic within this tunnel is encrypted at the entrance (Network A) and decrypted at the exit (Network B). VPNs are important because confidently and integrity is increased when applying e.g. using a third-party network like the internet. All network traffic generated by VISICS which is communicating over a third-party network is ensured by VPN.

And lastly, we have auditing.

Auditing is the process of continuously monitoring mutations, actions, login attempts etc. to check if these are valid and comply with security policies. This is important to ensure to keep security standards high and adapt when necessary.

Together, Authorization, Network security and auditing make up the three main components of our “security by design” – design by Niels van Kooten.

VISICS“What is security by design and how does VISICS implement it?”
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In the space of turnarounds for high-risk industries, reliability and insurance mean everything. System or human failure during these high-risk events can quickly escalate to life treating situations.  

In fact, the International Labor Organisation estimates that 340 million occupational accidents occur annually. Of which, in the United States alone, confined space incidents contributed to 1,030 fatalities between 2011-2018, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s an average of 147 confined space fatalities per year – in the USA alone. 

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The best way to mitigate these safety concerns and prevent escalation is, of course, a well thought and reliable system design.

Traditionally speaking, this design revolved around human excellence and thus was limited to human capability.

With the rise of technology and digitalisation we see turnarounds slowly integrating new technologies and practices with the goal of achieving greater efficiency and lower OHSE events.

It’s great to see this drive towards “the digital turnaround” for the sheer plethora of benefits it brings to everyone involved. BUT, as we know, turnarounds are challenging, meaning we must not get comfortable.

We have to keep asking ourselves “why?” and “what if?”, for the sake of safety.

Challenge accepted

Recently, we challenged our own system design to further identify areas which could use improvement, increasing total system redundancy, or in other words, system reliability.

The purpose of this was to challenge our own assumptions and historical design decisions, against recent developments and technological advances.

Our goal was to achieve a 100%, fully redundant core system, which is just as easy to deploy as our traditional VISICS solution.

Why? To ensure we could fulfill our safety promise, no matter the situation.

Our approach

We decided to approach the challenge by collaborating with the industry’s leading technology players – our partners. We rely on our partner’s expertise to stay on the pulse of innovation, able to lead the way in reliable digital turnaround solutions – around the globe.

The results

With the help of our partners at Dell Technology, VISICS underwent a complete system re-design, achieving a system network that is indeed 100% redundant at the core – VISICS 2.0.

With VISICS 2.0 redundancy is applied at several levels within the system architecture: power, server resources and network backbone.

In case of a datacenter failure, the system will keep functioning as expected, without any manual human interaction, meaning chances of a stop of work scenario due to a technical interruption is virtually eliminated.


This new design was first deployed at the largest refinery in Wales, in February of 2021. The project consisted of 183 manways, with over 3,000 contractors on site. VISICS was able to deploy redundant services including digital confined space monitoring, remote gas detection, access control and people tracking, allowing all CSE professionals to work with peace of mind while performing their duties.

VISICS 2.0 Saving the Day

During this same deployment the client site experienced power failure. Under normal conditions this would have caused all confined space monitoring activities to go offline – leading to deploying manual safety watches to 183 confined spaces or a stop of work scenario.

Thanks to the redundant network design of VISICS 2.0 – Zero Confined Space Monitoring activities were interrupted with the power failure. Work was able to proceed per usual without any disturbance or human intervention.


VISICS is the high tech and fully digital mobile system that offers solutions for Digital Confined Space Monitoring, Remote Gas Detection, Access Control and Management, and People and Asset Tracking.

VISICS supports organisations operating in high-risk industries in advancing to intelligent and safe enterprises by reducing the barrier to digital safety tools and applications. Our solutions improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs, by presenting real-time actionable data, from day one of your maintenance project.

Our VISICS control center operators monitor the safety and well-being of CSE professionals continuously during their time in confined spaces, by using the installed VISICS equipment. The installed equipment continuously collects, records and analyzes the data for abnormalities and danger indications. In the event of an emergency, the operators can immediately take any action required.

By combining the right people with the best equipment and smart interfaces, VISICS helps protect CSE professionals from the risks and hazards associated with confined space work, 24/7 – no matter the “what if?”.

For more information about VISICS contact:

Rene Slegers, CEO

+31 06 46 25 07 21  

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What does it mean to be an innovation leader?

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For us, being an innovation leader means setting the course for excellence, leading the way into the unknown.

To be an innovation leader we constantly have to challenge yesterday’s methods to tomorrow’s problems. Because of the rapid advancement in technology, the methods that once worked to solved problems are no longer as effective.

Ones ability to be flexible and adapt to change is crucial to not falling behind in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambigious) environment.

In our industry, change is always on the way. Simply put, there is always innovation work to be done. For that reason, we have naturally engrained innovation into our organisations DNA.

Design thinking is what we do on a daily basis – big and small. Our team draws on imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning to explore the possibilities of what could be, to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user.

As Sebastiaan van Kemp, Innovation Manger at Access Technology Group put it “we had to develop a new way of thinking in order to design better solutions, services and experiences to solve the new wave of problems we will face today and in the future”.

Around our office you’ll see us designing solutions for tomorrow with creative thinking all over – from bicycles being upcycled to badging wheels for collecting a large sum of data, to water fountains being used to simulate continuous rain fall… nothing is “too crazy” at the ATG headquarters.

Click on the images below to get redirected to our creative solutions for testing.

adminWhat does it mean to be an innovation leader?
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VISICS second location is now opened!

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Our second location is now opened!

The new location is our new inventory warehouse to receive and test VISICS equipment which comes back from the field. It supports our Headquarters that’s based in the Netherlands.

Opening a second location is a critical step that will give us the opportunity and space to develop and expand our projects.

adminVISICS second location is now opened!
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The VISICS experience is now on wheels!

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We’ve transformed a trailer to demo the VISICS system, one side simulates a confined space and the other acts as the VISICS command center.

Check out the video to see the final result!

If you would like a demo, please contact us using the contact form.

adminThe VISICS experience is now on wheels!
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The Dräger Experience

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We’re happy to be a part of the history of Dräger!

VISICS has been added to the Dräger experience exhibition located in Lübeck, Germany.

At the exhibition you can experience 130 years of history, from the family-run company to the newest innovations and products.

Being part of the Dräger exhibition is a perfect symbol of the collaborative history between VISICS and Dräger. VISICS and Dräger have been partners since 2010 and have been active in over 15 countries together.

You can read more about the exhibition here:

adminThe Dräger Experience
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VISICS Academy Release!

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We’ve developed and launched the VISICS academy – the place to be for building and up-skilling your VISICS knowledge.

The academy, featuring a blended learning approach, allows us to make the VISICS education program more flexible and accessible, as our operations continue to expand across the globe.

The design is based on the mobile first principle, allowing trainees to learn anytime, anywhere.

The structure is simple, each certification journey is divided into three sections:

  • Online training – including videos and interactive quizzes;
  • HQ training – practical training at the VISICS headquarters; and
  • Field training – applied learning and coaching in the field.

Once all sections of a journey have been completed a certificate will be awarded. That trainee may now operate self-standing.

With this initiative we’re looking forward to further supporting our partner’s operations.

If you would like more information about the VISICS academy, please contact our lead trainer.

VISICS Academy Trainer

Martin Willems
M: +31 6 22 54 98 73

VISICSVISICS Academy Release!
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Hindalco Industries Spotlights VISICS on World Health & Safety Day 2021

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Hindalco Spotlight Video – VISICS Showcase Scene

On world Health & Safety Day 2021, Hindalco Industries spotlighted VISICS

Following a successful pilot in India, Hindalco proudly featured VISICS as a safety partner for achieving it’s goal of a “safe, healthy and compliant workforce”.

The VISICS solutions implemented were:

  • Digital Confined Space Monitoring
  • Remote Gas Detection
  • Access Control and Management
  • People Tracking

The VISICS footprint in India has continued to rapidly expand since the pilot took place in Q1 2021. To support this expansion VISICS has opened a headquarters in India with local representatives and service support.

VISICSHindalco Industries Spotlights VISICS on World Health & Safety Day 2021
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VISICS Feature Release!

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During turnaround projects, it’s essential to have the right overview of information, at the right time.

With the release of our web application, a new feature in the VISICS monitoring system, our operators, supervisors, and contractors can easily have relevant actionable insights at their fingertips.

Our goal is to bring complex and simple data alike together in a meaningful and easy-to-understand manner – breaking down data silos.

For our digital monitoring operators, the web application dashboard contains static emergency-related information, weather forecasts, safety guidelines, and other quick need-to-know information. (See photos below!)

It also enables operators to easily document occurrences and incidents, digitally, with supporting documentation such as text, video, or photo footage. With the click of a button, these reports can be exported for easy end-of-day handover or incident escalation.

We’re excited to be piloting the web application during a major turnaround project at a refinery in Wales, in February.

Stay tuned to learn more about the pilot and results!

VISICSVISICS Feature Release!
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A new world record!

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There goes our biggest project of the year, off to the UK to set a new world record!

During this turnaround, our mobile VISICS solution will be monitoring 160 confined spaces – able to see what’s happening inside the confined space, communicate with the engineers performing the maintenance activities and register exactly who has entered and left the manholes and at what time. All for a safer and more efficient turnaround!

Monitoring takes place onsite with our fully redundant server solution.

A big thanks to our trusted partner ESS Safeforce.

adminA new world record!
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