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New: online VISICS Rental Catalogue

Our innovative solutions are based on well-engineered, reliable and robust products. For your convenience, we have collected our most rented products, including images, features and dimensions, which resulted in our VISICS 2020 Rental Catalogue.

Click here to view our online Rental Catalogue

VISICSNew: online VISICS Rental Catalogue
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Anticipating the new reality with VISICS and Mourik Industry

Social distancing is the order of the day. Shops, restaurants, hotels… everyone is taking precautions to be able to continue their business. But what if your business involves working in confined spaces? Or specialised projects abroad? How do you then meet the regulations ánd safeguard the health of your employees, without extraordinary investments or compromising on quality?

VISICSAnticipating the new reality with VISICS and Mourik Industry
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Efficient non-contact human body temperature measurement

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Safety is our number one priority. During turnarounds and shutdowns, but also in times like these, when being healthy isn’t that evident. The health of your employees is nowadays even more important, as this can directly influence the health of any other employee, or for example clients or patients. To be able to efficiently perform a first quick health scan, we introduce our Human Body Temperature System. With this system, you are able to perform a highly accurate body temperature measurement from up to 3 meter distance, enabling non-contact measurements.

The systems consists of the actual camera, combined with a screen (to visualise measurements) and a so called blackbody. The blackbody acts like a gauge, which results in highly accurate temperature measurements ±0.3℃.

The VISICS Human Body Temperature System is a highly efficient way to monitor the health of any person entering your office, factory, shop, hospital or any other facility. Interested in how this reliable thermal camera solution can improve the safety of your visitors? Click here for more information or contact us.

VISICSEfficient non-contact human body temperature measurement
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Experience VISICS in VR

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We can talk about VISICS for hours. But as from today, you can experience our solutions for safer and more efficient turnarounds yourself using Virtual Reality. Our first VR experience takes you to an industrial plant, where you can look around and get acquaintend with our solutions. On your screen, by means of a 360° VR video where you can look around using your mouse. Or, using our VISICS Oculus Go glasses, for the real 3D experience. Welcome to VISICS!

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New website Access Technology Group

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This week the Access Technology Group launched her new website: A new, user friendly website that matches the current vision and mission of ATG: to offer industries full-service mobile solutions to accomplish safe and efficient shutdowns and turnarounds. This includes of course our VISICS solutions, but also our view on smart industrial solutions and digital turnarounds in general. We hope you like it as much as we do!

VISICSNew website Access Technology Group
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