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VISICS Academy Release!

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We’ve developed and launched the VISICS academy – the place to be for building and up-skilling your VISICS knowledge.

The academy, featuring a blended learning approach, allows us to make the VISICS education program more flexible and accessible, as our operations continue to expand across the globe.

The design is based on the mobile first principle, allowing trainees to learn anytime, anywhere.

The structure is simple, each certification journey is divided into three sections:

  • Online training – including videos and interactive quizzes;
  • HQ training – practical training at the VISICS headquarters; and
  • Field training – applied learning and coaching in the field.

Once all sections of a journey have been completed a certificate will be awarded. That trainee may now operate self-standing.

With this initiative we’re looking forward to further supporting our partner’s operations.

If you would like more information about the VISICS academy, please contact our lead trainer.

VISICS Academy Trainer

Martin Willems
M: +31 6 22 54 98 73

VISICSVISICS Academy Release!

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